I trace the patterns where I felt your skinI smell the sweat of our chemistry mixedI hear the laughter and the giggles of our playI feel the pressure of your body pinning mineA bite here, a tickle thereA wicked smile A squealA sigh A lickA kissI love youI know I have had an amazing few days despite the [...]



Endless is the time when you are away Endless is the time that I want you to stay Endless is the beating of my heart when you say I love you Endless I wish the time in your arms was Endless is how I wish time was when we are close Endless is the reaching [...]

Time Vampires

Vampires –noun 1. a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night. 2. (in Eastern European folklore) a corpse, animated by an undeparted soul or demon, that periodically leaves the grave and disturbs the living, until it is exhumed and impaled or [...]