Return Love

Oh the days and oh the nights
When my love is not entwined in my sight

When my eyes can’t see his eyes
When my lips cant feel his smile

My heart just longs to feel his body lie next to mine a while

My bed so lonely without his embrace
So cold and so empty without his warmth to taste

Without the drink of his passionate embrace
My arms are empty and my lips lonely for his face

As if a lifetime gone my love
yet only a minute passed

Gone from my sight a second just to check
If coffee is finished brewing yet

Return dear love
Return to me

Hold me tight and never set me free

From the heart of a crazy woman.

All my love,
Lady X


Thinking Naughty

Here is what happens when me, a bikini and tequila get all mixed up. I write a naughty poem. It’s titled Fire, and I wrote it right after the creepy drowning one.

Your mouth on mine
Your hands they trace

My curves, my lines
My memore erased

Your tongue
Your taste
Sets me ablaze

Wild and on fire
Your love does engage

My heart
My body
Yours to do what you will

Conquer the fire
Consume me at will

And that concludes my camping writing….

Lady X