The other day while Joseph was studying, he looked over at me and said he wondered what my angry face looked like. I thought this was an interesting thing for him to say. So after I giggled I tried my hardest to show him what my angry face would look like were he to be the unfortunate fellow of having earned having it aimed in his direction.

It was fail. I couldn’t do it. Everytime I looked at him I just felt happy and since I suck at faking things I couldn’t make the angry face therefor he still doesn’t know what it looks like.

It occurred to me today that Joseph and I haven’t fought a single time in the course of a year. I thought about it while working so hard this morning at work, that I haven’t been mad at him over the course of the year he and I have been together. He is literally the most chill person I have ever met. The Zen master if you will. Calm 90% of the time. The other 10% I save for angry video games played in PVP which takes the most calm person and turns them into a raving lunatic. (self included)

I think our compatibility plays a huge part in this. Our matching love languages helps as well. Being a touch and quality time person means that neither of us finds the other in deficit at a lack of gift giving. We do give each other gifts. But most of the time it is cheesy and small.

So what is the post about today? We I was thinking that I know looking at the two of us from the outside you can see the love, the passion and the dedication we have for each other. But I wonder if people knew that we don’t fight, we get along well, if they would think that we somehow lack that passionate note because of a lack of drama.

The answer?

It is no. We are hotter than ever. I am surprised daily how the level of want has not decreased one bit over the time we have spent together. It still feels new. Each kiss still feels like the first. I have to say that I expected it to change.  I thought that perhaps the relationships that I saw belonging to friends of mine that were couples were an amazingly rare thing or just bolstered up to make them look better. I didn’t actually think they existed.

I am glad to say I know otherwise now. I am glad the fire is still white hot and bright after a year, no boredom, no end in sight. I feel a sense of security and calm in that sentence. I take heart in knowing that JOseph feels the same. And I am happy that my girls can see a healthy relationship of love. Rather than the one they knew before. And now that they see it at least they have stopped asking the question, “Why doesn’t Joe yell Mommy?”

He doesn’t yell because he isn’t angry. Case and point.


I am chattily avoiding my math homework so I will bid you adieu for now.  I will enter more info later. Until then…


All of my love always,

Lady X



It is a different world we gamers live in. Because it is any world we choose. Which is great sometimes. What is even better? Dating a gamer. Here is why:


They think you are sexy despite the fact that you are in sweats and have crumbs on you. They are just geeked out that you are playing Skyrim and loving it.

They still love you even when you say Marvel is better when you know he is a die hard DC fan.

They come to kiss you even though you ignored them to play a game that isn’t two player

They create a world for you in Minecraft that is just for the two of you and helps you plan out a lighthouse and crazy bridges.

Hugs you when you die, then reminds you that you should save after the boss fight you now have to repeat, AGAIN. (facepalm)


There are so many reasons.  It is the equivalent to “She thinks my tractors’ sexy” for country folks. I’m yelling at the computer and hes just giggling and telling me how cute I am. (awesome)

Well early to bed is early to rise so I am going to play Skyrim for an hour and then get up early anyways.


NIght all, Geek it up peeps!



Lady X

Stupid Car

Stupid –adjective
1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
3. tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.

(proof that we use the word stupid wrong all the time)

My car broke again. Sigh. Friday I stop by my apartment to pick up some things for the kids to take to their respective weekend plans, and what happens?

We go to load up, take the girls to their dad since its his weekend, take the boys to my sister and then have a fun filled weekend of gaming. Instead I go out to find 2 gallons of coolant all over the ground and the radiator cap housing broken. Oh yay!

So my sister comes and rescures us and loans be her van. I drop everyone off and then starts the magical hunt for the part I need to fix my car. First to Auto Zone. The guys at Auto Zone love me. Who wouldn’t? I am a chick that fixes cars, I am totally adorable and I don’t mind getting dirty. What guy doesn’t love that? So to Auto Zone. Where Paul, one of my favorite guys at Auto Zone, tells me that they don’t have it, and that it is $62, and it will be four days before it gets here.


I tell them that I am off to cheat on their store with the dealership. I hate to do it, but I need my car. I bid them farewell and off I go. We race to the dealership since it is now 4:30pm and I don’t want to arrive as they close. So we run inside, ask for the part. After what seems like endless typing. Really dude, what were you typing anyways? He says, we don’t have it. But the Lewisville branch does. I so can’t get there before 5. So how much is it I ask?



No way, I would wait four days first. Sheesh. It’s make a frakking plastic for cripes sake!

Well luckily for me there are two more Auto parts stores that can reject me. O’rieleys and Pep Boys. Closest first wins the next chance to tell me no!

So Pep boys it is. We walk inside. I have no hope so now I am just going through the motions.  Blah blah blah, do you have my part, blah blah blah.

Yep, we have it. They run back and get it. I am speechless that we found it. Okay, so what’s the damage?

$17.99. OMG!!!! Really??

Yep. Freakin awesome! I just got the part and now have enough to get dinner too. Hello Arby’s. So after we pick up some food, and then we eat. Me and my brother set to the task of changing one of the easiest parts I have ever had to fix. What’s so irritating about the whole week is that this was the third cooling system repair that I had to make this week. First the hose that goes from the radiator cap to the overflow tank got a whole rubbed in it by my belt, but then same night I fix that my thermostat goes out. No doubt from sucking too much air through the hose I just rubbed a hole in. And then, after all of that I get stuck spending what was supposed to be game night fixing my car. So once we had it all fixed we finally go inside. Set up the playstation 2, and then, were too tired to play. Me and my brother just watched netflix for the rest of the night.

The weekend wasn’t a total loss. I did get lots done, even though I spent more than I wanted too over the weekend. But I try to remind myself that it is just money and its just stuff. We can always just make some more.

If you don’t fix your own car you should try it sometime. It is wonderful. I feel accomplished knowing that the car is fixed and I know it was done right and the only person I had to pay was me. 🙂

With a sense of accomplishment – Yours Always,

Lady X