7 years today

  Facebook has a way of bringing things full circle for us humans. Bringing up dates of events, showing us memories of the past. Reminding us when we became "facebook" friends with someone. Today is one of those days for me. I find myself reflective as my life changed forever today and wouldn't not be [...]



Amanda woke up with a start and realized they were late. She woke up her kids and hurried to get them ready for school. Yelling and griping the entire time, filled with frustration due to her own lateness. As she raced through traffic and stoplights, she felt increasingly upset that nothing was going right that [...]

He is my gravity

Once upon a time, Joseph, my beloved, wrote me a poem. He called me his gravity. In the small amount of time I spent with him today, my heart sang words of love and I wrote them. I place it here for memory.  I have been overwhelmed by gratitude in this life today. For my [...]

My new story

Stories matter.  My fear is I will forget my story of how Joseph and I grew into husband and wife. So today I will write all the moments where I saw God change our hearts as we went along. For those of you who have read lots of my story you know Joseph and I [...]

The Conversation 2016

Working in a hybrid company is a privilege that most people may not understand. Being the Vice President at OnFire Books and being the right hand woman of the CEO for more than a decade changes your life.  Why? Because I have been given something from this company that is priceless. An opportunity to be [...]