5 Things I learned from My Mom

My oldest wrote this for me for Mother's Day. There is no more wonderous thing than being a mom. 5 Things I’ve Learned From You Manners All of my manners come from the many times you scolded me for not saying please and thank you, or when I would sit the wrong way in a [...]


To the Lost

To those I have lost, Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a mom. I watched the struggles my mom went through and all I wanted was to lift her up and help her and then be the best mom ever. It created within me the longing that I would hold my own [...]

Be Joyful

It's been a week, I am not going to lie. But now that it comes to a close on our mortal standards of a week. I am left reflecting that in all things we should be daring and choose joy. Not happiness which is fleeting and can change moment by moment, but daring and full of [...]

It was always you

Slowly the petals fell, eyes closed, the fall took over and put all things to sleep. She was unrecognizable as she was dead to who she truly was. Winter came, in seemingly endless slumber and Clothed in frost, appearing lifeless on the outside. So beautiful yet so cold and unmoving. Spring came and with it [...]

The Ledge

The drop is far. The path that leads to the edge of the cliffs is small. Certain death if you misstep. There is no going back, only forward. It's windy and all you know is the endless fear that you just can't make it. You might as well jump because at least then the choice [...]

My Wind

To my Joseph - Written June 3rd The wind blows me here and there Like leaves falling, I know not where It blows through my heart My soul my mind Hollow and empty is the space it finds But wait it whispers softly to me The wind, the breeze, my secrets it breaths My past, [...]

Mysterious Stranger

She stood alone in the dark room, swishing the photo paper in the chemicals, waiting for the image to appear. This place was her escape. Peace always seemed to fill her here. The quiet of the weekend as the building was almost always empty. The air grew thick and it felt strange. She knew was [...]