These lips

Limbs and hands and skin Fingers and cheeks and legs Tangled, teeth, and bites Panting, moaning and sweating Quiet, peace and calm Heartbeats, interlocked fingers, and time Friendship, companionship and love Completeness, wholeness and owned Yours, mine, ours, forever. I tried something different here. Not sure if it works but I think I like the [...]


So much to say about nothing

Poetry and prose lend me an outlet for scattered thoughts. Most of which bombard me at the strangest times. My sister kept the girls last night to keep my mom from needing to wake up so early. It was my sisters first night off of work in like 3 months. So I readied the kids [...]

Road Map

Written for the Beast (Inspired by my sore spots)     If my body is a road map You know all the stops You leave fingerprints all over it Whenever you depart   I feel the places you have been The sore and the bruised Your teeth have claimed my body Each spot a smile [...]