These lips

Limbs and hands and skin
Fingers and cheeks and legs

Tangled, teeth, and bites
Panting, moaning and sweating

Quiet, peace and calm
Heartbeats, interlocked fingers, and time
Friendship, companionship and love
Completeness, wholeness and owned

Yours, mine, ours, forever.

I tried something different here. Not sure if it works but I think I like the abstract of it. And just for a sexy visual…..



So much to say about nothing

Poetry and prose lend me an outlet for scattered thoughts. Most of which bombard me at the strangest times.

My sister kept the girls last night to keep my mom from needing to wake up so early. It was my sisters first night off of work in like 3 months. So I readied the kids and took them over to her place. After I got home, Joseph and I found ourselves with an hour alone. A very rare thing. Of course we used that hour to discuss comic books, theories on jedis’ and Thor’s hammer. We researched the weight of it, the enchantment on it. It was wonderful.

There are times when the simplest things make me happiest. A rainy day at Six flags with all the kids, a quiet evening immersed in comic books and conversation. I really am quite easy to make happy. It requires so very little.

So this morning as I miss waking up next to Joseph and snuggling before we are bombarded by a bed full of beautiful girls on a rare day off, I feel poetic. Yet, in this poetic-ness I find myself at a loss for words to describe my happy state.

I suppose that in this moment, as I drink my coffee and contemplate the emotions that are currently overtaking me, I realize that I need a degree in English or perhaps literature, to truly find a way to pen words that I feel to justice to my giddy happy place. I want the intensity to be known. Those words are perhaps for another time.

I will blog again today, perhaps a long post, of the best in depth descriptions of my state of being. Until then I bid you farewell.

All my love,
Lady X

Desperate for his tender kiss

The most dangerous kiss
is not the passionate one
that ignites the fire
deep inside me

It is not the kiss
that expresses the depth
of how much you missed me
while we were apart

It is not the kiss that pulls
me into sweet blissful
distress, breathless,
longing, aching for
all of you

It is the sweet
tender kiss
our lips softly meeting
a tenderness so sweet
so deep, that it not
only stirs my heart
but ravages my soul

Blurs my vision
steals my breath
and rushes me through
the myriad of feelings
that my love for you

To say that I love him
is a crime. Words are not
sufficient to bring to life
the feelings my heart
my body
my mind
my soul
feel for him

To express it any other
way then in this simple kiss
is a poor testament

No one can truly know
how we feel, because they
cannot feel this kiss

-Lady X


So in March there is another poetry reading with my wonderful friend Jerry. So now it is time to get off my enormous booty and write something. It has been a bit since I wrote anything and I feel the creative juices in me flowing. I wish to pour them into something wonderful.

It seems a thousand years ago
When darkness had filled up my soul

When the lovely light had left my eyes
When sadness marked my empty skies

So many sparks of light did try
To penetrate my darkened mind

Tiny rays of hope they brought
But fizzled out when trouble was sought

My hopes and dreams began to fade
No light left here, just darkened grey

Left alone within my thoughts
Dark as night and pain was wrought

A glimmer of hope in you I found
Could I dare to dream of love to be found?

This tiny glimmer did grow and grow
Freeing my mind, Freeing my soul

You loved me for all that I am
Your love a change in all our plans

My sky, my life, is dark no more
Light floods through loves wide open door

No more fear or pain to feel
Proof that scars can really heal

My heart is yours, my body, my soul
Forever after, with you.

All yours

Thank You my Joseph.


Endless is the time when you are away

Endless is the time that I want you to stay

Endless is the beating of my heart when you say I love you

Endless I wish the time in your arms was

Endless is how I wish time was when we are close

Endless is the reaching my heart does when you are far

Endless is how I love you now

Endless is how my heart beats for you

Endless is what I want our love to be

Endless is where I hope we stay


Love always readers,

Tiarra aka Lady X



Road Map

Written for the Beast (Inspired by my sore spots)



If my body is a road map

You know all the stops

You leave fingerprints all over it

Whenever you depart


I feel the places you have been

The sore and the bruised

Your teeth have claimed my body

Each spot a smile for me


Strange we are in our lovemaking

Rough and tumble are we

Your back a map of claw marks

Your Kitty is not weak


The moment that you are gone

Real world bound again

The spots you leave on my road map

Keep you here till I see you again



Can’t help it. The mush just keeps coming. Sigh.



Lady X


My Hair isn’t messy

My bed is still made

My apartment is quiet

No sounds being made


Your echo isn’t hear

Your scent is too far

Not fair it is I say

Not to be where you are


Just far enough away not to feel your touch

Just far enough away to miss you so much


Close enough to know you miss me

Close enough to know you are mine

Close enough to know we have plenty of time


Patient is what I am

Patient is what I will be

Patient for you and for us

Patient for me


Sexy is your sweetness

Sexy is your Smile

Sexy is how you make me feel

Every day, all the while


My Beast you are

Your Kitty I will be

Every moment, Every second

All that is given to me


Happy we are

Happy we will stay

Just a moment apart

Never too too far away


Drawn together in ink

No erasure so change

My heart drawn to yours

In all of the most perfect ways


Time is just a question

Nobody knows

All my time you can have

Since with my heart it goes


Just six months so far

Give or take a few days

But enough for me to know

I will love you always


Give me the time

I can show you what I mean

Spoil you I must

It is what I do, It is what I need


My face fits in your palm

My hand in your hand

My mouth on your lips

So my body next to yours I will stand


Let me stay here

By your side till the dawn

To take on each day

By your side I feel strong


Peace is what you give me

Gentleness and love divine

With you till I can be no more

Ready to stand even against time




Awakened by a child and then struck by inspiration, the life of a writer in love. Love you all and hope to see that you enjoy my moment of glee.



My love always,

Lady X