My life is crazy.  That is the one thing I am sure of. When I  am not blogging about things that are honestly beyond my control and are probably not worth reading about for anything other than a giggle or possibly a moment of “I know right!”  Then it simply serves as a place for me to vent and hopefully shed some light into a dreary melancholy time in space that I currently occupy.

So I am guessing that you clicked this hoping to find out some information about the crazy lady that posts here.  Well I just turned 30 last year, became a single mom and take care of a whole gaggle of children on a regular basis (most of them are mine). When I am not doing all of that (really you think I actually have time for anything else?) Then I am working to make sure I can take care of the tiny 2 bedroom apartment that I occupy with my kids and our dogs. Yes I even thought for a moment that my life wasn’t busy enough, I should add animals to it. Don’t even get me started on the snake. I am saving that for a long post about what  a stupid idea that was in the first place.

So read my posts if you are bored, or if you would like to gain some amusement from the crazy and often strange things that happen to me on a daily basis with all these kids. Or you could move on and read something useful. Honestly how you waste your time is up to you. I am here to waste my time telling you that even though so far I wonder how I will ever manage to keep up with all that is going on, that I am grateful most of the time, and currently (wait for it, it might change) I regret nothing.


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