5 Minutes

If you only had 5 minutes to show
the life your love may never know

Would you know how to express it?
So they knew you really meant it

Would you hold them in your arms so tight?
Would you use your words to cause a fight?

Could you use your mouth to say the words
your heart was desperate to have heard?

Would a single kiss tell it all?
Or would you be too afraid to fall?

Would you let the moment pass you by?
Would you wonder how, would you wonder why?

When the time was over and gone
Could your heart ever truly move on?

So what if we were all alone?
No world, no problem, no one to know…

In that 5 minutes what would you say?
Could you give your heart away?

Could you leave with no regrets
Or act as if we never met?

And all at once what is left to say?
Did you give it your all?
Or did you walk away?


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