Him: Can I ask you a question?Would your coffee taste the same if someone else made it for you?

Would the halls sound quiet without the echo of my voice?

Would your hand feel empty without my fingers laced in them?
Her: Oh my love.

I couldn’t drink coffee ever again if it wasn’t your love that filled my cup.

The halls would be like an empty library. The space would be without purpose if I didn’t hear the sounds of your voice to soothe my soul.

My hands would be more than empty. What purpose would they have if not laced in yours? Such a hollow space.
Him: Right you are love
Her: may I ask you a question?
Him: Of course.
Her:Would your lips feel empty without my kiss? 

Would our bed feel empty if my space was hollow?

Would you miss the feeling of your arms fitting perfect around my waste?
Him: My girl. My lips would feel the endless emptiness if your mouth wasn’t here to fill mine with your taste. 

Our bed would be a hell, an empty place without your form lying curved next to mine.

My arms belong around your waist and I shall pull you into my arms every chance I get.

You are mine.
Her: As you are mine, my love.