I am blown away. Being a writer, I thought for sure that I would wow, with my written vows. I know that Joseph is a fantastic writer. And perhaps I am biased, but the vows he wrote wowed me and everyone else.  I will place them below and you can see how touched I was by his words.



As we take this step,
I hope you know that you and the girls are the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

When I met you,
My life goals existed merely to provide a bigger picture for me to pursue.
I didn’t want any kids. I didn’t want responsibility to anyone, because I had been through the experience that people
only tend to hold you back. You and the girls have given meaning to my life that is both real and refreshing.
Solid and grace giving.

You have given me a chance to see that I am strong.
But also wise enough to know when to use it.
The chance to use everything that I have learned,
and apply it to something meaningful.

More than all of that,
In you, I have found a safe haven.
A place to find comfort when I am battered and bruised.
A place to catch my breath when the world has me winded.

I promise to keep you.
To protect and cherish this bond,
support you.
You are my partner in everything.
My Lover,
My friend,
My soul mate.

I love you so much,
and I am excited beyond words for our life together.


Dearest Joseph,

You have given me love and honor today. Me and my girls are lucky to have you. I am so grateful to stand this day and call you my husband, and spend the rest of this life as your wife. I love you.



Lady X (aka Tiarra)




They made it!

So we bought our wedding bands from a shop in China cause we are broke and because we liked them. Well I was starting to worry that they would arrive in time for the 31st. I started feeling anxious. This morning one of the two shipping tracking numbers they had given me said it had cleared customs in San Francisco. I felt better knowing that at least they were in the general area. Then the post office came a knocking on my door and then….BAM! They were here. They fit perfect and we are excited more than ever now as the day approaches. Counting down, t-minus 11 days. Joseph is finishing up his vows, and we have everything set. Although I would love to go out and find a nice blouse. This lady is a lucky lady. 

That is the good part of today. The rest of today has been obnoxious phone calls from my ex, sick kids, and him demanding I bring them over sick. Still feverish, still sad. Stuck taking them. Not a happy mama. Good thing? I just have to do this today. He can’t handle them all weekend and middle ginger’s birthday and Christmas so he is giving me them for the weekend. I dig it. I can deal with a few missed hours knowing that I have the whole weekend off and I get to have them with me for all of it.

Presents are wrapped, the PS3 we got them for Christmas is ready, all updates applied, games downloaded onto it, all six games we bought are ready and under the tree. We did good this year. We are excited to count down the last 5 days till Christmas. Hope you all got your shopping done. I am gonna cut out, and hope to get some more work done before I go pick up my minis. 


Merry Christmas! Happy New Year, and be blessed.

All my love,

Lady X



The Vows

So I finally finished them. And I have to say that if I was going to sum up my feelings in such a short way that is appropriate for all audiences then this is it.


My Sweetest Joseph,

To be with you here is a dream come true. With you I am full and alive and I am excited to walk fearlessly beside you for all of our lives. You let me be me, no change required and I love you for that. My girls have know the love of a real father and a truly noble man. I fall in love with you more each day that I am lucky enough to see you play and watch you love them. You have given me respect, honor, and loyalty. Thank you.

I promise to love you without reserve, with fierceness and passion.

I promise to take care of you always, everyday that you need me and all the days that you think you don’t.

I promise to be your playmate and your accomplice in mischief.

I promise to respect your dreams and respect you because I believe in you, and the person you will become and the husband and wife we will be together.

I promise to love you till our last breaths and far beyond that. I will follow you, my love, to the ends of the earth, all the days of my life.

I am blessed beyond measure to have met you, to love you. I am more abundantly blessed to stand here before you and become your wife. 

I place my heart and my life in your hands. I trust you and I love you. My Joseph.


All my love Peeps.

Lady X



Not your average poem

This is not mine. But I love the imagery. I don’t know who wrote it, so if someone does let me know so I can credit them. 


I have news for you little girl
this will not be some
tug at your heart strings
love poem

This is a
lost my patience
kick down the door poem

This is a 
suck the air
out of the room poem

A pin you against the wall
as the buttons fly poem

A fill my hands
with gropes poem

A sink my teeth into
your flesh poem

A suck on your 
sweaty collar poem

A force your mouth
open with my tongue poem

a feed off the sound
of your gasps poem

A take you on the kitchen table poem

I love you

So a girl can have the best of both worlds. 

I have a secret. Shhh. Don’t tell. But this month, on New Years Eve, at 12pm, Joseph and I will be eloping. Eeeek! 

My little girls will give me away, some little handwritten vows at a tree that is more than a hundred years old Joseph and I will join together. To spend the rest of this life battling it together. All the good, the bad and the scary.

So what do I mean by best of both worlds? Well, I am still having a wedding for everyone else on April 13th. So Joseph and I get what we want. To be husband and wife. (He keeps calling me his wife to be *swoon*) And our families get what they want. To see a little wedding and get to be apart of it. Does this mean I get two anniversaries? I think so. Now he can get me two presents. 

So now I am in process of writing a little set of vows. Some personal way to express this love that has left me speechless more times than I can think of. Our rings are ordered, the minister is set. I am still trying to decide on a witness. With the year coming to a close I am more than elated that I can begin again. That I have been given the chance to do what I always wanted. Which is spoil someone,  be the best wife I can be. Someone who actual appreciates the hard work that I put forth for him.

As for my vows. I find myself searching old poetry for inspiration. No rhymes this time. Just honest truth in words that are beautiful and deserved and anxiously awaiting the day that I can recite them to my Joseph.

So to spark my creative juices I shall sit here and compose to words. Who knows? I may find my muse giving me all the inspiration I need ❤


My sweetest Joseph,

I promise to love you fiercely. I have found in you love I couldn’t imagine. 
I have found home in your heart, shelter in your arms.
My girls have known the love of a truly noble man. 
Something that as I watch, I fall in love with you more each day.
You have granted me a love I never thought I would know.
You have given me respect, honor and loyalty. 
I promise to love you till we can’t breath now and when we are old.
I promise to respect your dreams and you every single moment 
I was truly blessed to meet you, and I am blessed to be able to stand here
and become your wife. I give myself to you. Body, heart and soul. I am truly  
only yours.

Thank you love, for giving me more than I expected, and more than
I could have asked for. I love you.