Bedtime and giddy

It’s bedtime and I just found out my sweetie can come to my poetry reading tomorrow and hear me read out loud the mushy stuff I have recently wrote for him.

I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. How very intimate Nd sweet that I get to do this. Sigh. Okay, rant over. Night all.

Your resident crazy,
Lady X



It is a different world we gamers live in. Because it is any world we choose. Which is great sometimes. What is even better? Dating a gamer. Here is why:


They think you are sexy despite the fact that you are in sweats and have crumbs on you. They are just geeked out that you are playing Skyrim and loving it.

They still love you even when you say Marvel is better when you know he is a die hard DC fan.

They come to kiss you even though you ignored them to play a game that isn’t two player

They create a world for you in Minecraft that is just for the two of you and helps you plan out a lighthouse and crazy bridges.

Hugs you when you die, then reminds you that you should save after the boss fight you now have to repeat, AGAIN. (facepalm)


There are so many reasons.  It is the equivalent to “She thinks my tractors’ sexy” for country folks. I’m yelling at the computer and hes just giggling and telling me how cute I am. (awesome)

Well early to bed is early to rise so I am going to play Skyrim for an hour and then get up early anyways.


NIght all, Geek it up peeps!



Lady X


Endless is the time when you are away

Endless is the time that I want you to stay

Endless is the beating of my heart when you say I love you

Endless I wish the time in your arms was

Endless is how I wish time was when we are close

Endless is the reaching my heart does when you are far

Endless is how I love you now

Endless is how my heart beats for you

Endless is what I want our love to be

Endless is where I hope we stay


Love always readers,

Tiarra aka Lady X



Long Days and Lonely Nights

Spoiled Rotten. This is what I have become. About a week and a half ago I had a cold. After the cold vanished my asthma decided to take up residence. It got pretty bad. And I freaked out my sweetie Joe. The text conversation went exactly like this:

Me: I’m not well babe. Air is a rare commodity for me right now.

Joe: 😦

Me: Time for sleep to open. Have the best night love. xxxoooxxx ily

About thirty minutes later I get a text that I didn’t get until 11:30p.

Joe: Are you alright babe? Your not in the ER or something crazy like that, right?

15 minutes later

Joe: Worried….

So I text him back.

Me: I’m still at home. Taking another treatment now. Woke up with no air. I’m sorry to worry you.

Joe: 😦 I’m coming to see you. Want a treat from Whataburger?


Since I worried him he had slept over every night since. 14 days with him there every night and every morning. Brilliant and wonderful. Watching him interact with the girls, watching all of us together. Eating together. Just everything. Warmed my heart. Last night was the first night I have had to sleep alone. I slept on his side of the bed so I could smell him in my pillow. I just want him in my space all the time. I feel lonely without knowing he is coming here, and I really do not like sleeping without him.

I am so glad he feels the same. He is so sweet to me. He’s talked about the future. My adorable nerdy gamer, who was afraid to fall for me has not only fallen hard for me, but I can see he has fallen for my girls too. We went to the park with a picnic. Just me and Joe and the girls. He plays with them, and chases them. Makes them giggle uncontrollably,  and he worries for them.

My birthday is coming up, and the only thing I want is an evening with Joe and the girls. There is literally nothing I could enjoy more. I can’t explain the happiness that I feel at seeing my girls and Joe bonding. I can’t express in words how amazing this found love has been. It was unexpected, it wasn’t looking to last and now it is looking to be brilliant and perfect.


Let me just say this, in my happy I know that nothing is guaranteed. It could end tomorrow. Not sure why it would but I know nothing is forever because life is too short and people are not perfect. I will say this much, even if I knew now that my happiness would end tomorrow, I would still want to love Joe today. I could know that it isn’t going to be always love and I would still want to feel this way right now. Regardless of the pain I may suffer. This LOVE is worth it.

Always me, Always happy to be me and not anyone else.

Tiarra aka Lady X


Road Map

Written for the Beast (Inspired by my sore spots)



If my body is a road map

You know all the stops

You leave fingerprints all over it

Whenever you depart


I feel the places you have been

The sore and the bruised

Your teeth have claimed my body

Each spot a smile for me


Strange we are in our lovemaking

Rough and tumble are we

Your back a map of claw marks

Your Kitty is not weak


The moment that you are gone

Real world bound again

The spots you leave on my road map

Keep you here till I see you again



Can’t help it. The mush just keeps coming. Sigh.



Lady X

Too Long

I have decided that time can be both too long and too short. And I don’t like either. My youngest will be 4 years old next Tuesday. I will be 32 this month. So many things. SO in this case time is too fast. Pushing me past my sane limits to process time, and how it affects me as I watch the childhood of my children race past my eyes at whiplash speeds.

In love thought time is to long and too short. Time with your love is too short. Never lasts long enough, always comes to a close to fast. But when apart it drags on like the longest time ever. (IN this you can say that my ability to cope with how little I see my Joe is irritating me this week. Le Sigh. I just want him with me all the time.

I also want my tiny person to quit growing so fast. My oldest to slow down, stop getting so old, and so smart and so grown.

My middle daughter helps me stay on top of things and she is just a bundle of super amazing love. I am blessed beyond measure. Loved beyond my ability to even grasp it with my mind by so many.

And today I have decided as I sit at my desk, awaiting the time I go get my older kiddoes, watching my littlest one play, and knowing how long till I see my Joe I realize that in this moment time is too long. I want all of my people together. But alas, I work all weekend, my ex gets the kids even though he doesn’t deserve it (thats a whole other post for when I have time to vent that) and my time with my sweetie will be shorter due to long shifts at the bucks. So what to do? Absorb my time with my daughters, let them soak me in their love and when time and homework allows my love to venture into the land of fantastic distraction absorb his love and attentions and soak it in. Just revel in it and let it rain on me. I love the feeling and I just want to feel it all the time. Me and my stingyness  leads me to want all of my loved ones all to myself and I have to realize that I can’t do that. The world, this life doesn’t allow for such selfishness.


So for today, I am loved, but from afar and I will wait for the time this afternoon for mini me love, and wait for this weekend for my love love. And I will be grateful for every moment and blessed that God has let me feel such amazing love in this amazing world of his.



Lady X


My Hair isn’t messy

My bed is still made

My apartment is quiet

No sounds being made


Your echo isn’t hear

Your scent is too far

Not fair it is I say

Not to be where you are


Just far enough away not to feel your touch

Just far enough away to miss you so much


Close enough to know you miss me

Close enough to know you are mine

Close enough to know we have plenty of time


Patient is what I am

Patient is what I will be

Patient for you and for us

Patient for me


Sexy is your sweetness

Sexy is your Smile

Sexy is how you make me feel

Every day, all the while


My Beast you are

Your Kitty I will be

Every moment, Every second

All that is given to me


Happy we are

Happy we will stay

Just a moment apart

Never too too far away


Drawn together in ink

No erasure so change

My heart drawn to yours

In all of the most perfect ways


Time is just a question

Nobody knows

All my time you can have

Since with my heart it goes


Just six months so far

Give or take a few days

But enough for me to know

I will love you always


Give me the time

I can show you what I mean

Spoil you I must

It is what I do, It is what I need


My face fits in your palm

My hand in your hand

My mouth on your lips

So my body next to yours I will stand


Let me stay here

By your side till the dawn

To take on each day

By your side I feel strong


Peace is what you give me

Gentleness and love divine

With you till I can be no more

Ready to stand even against time




Awakened by a child and then struck by inspiration, the life of a writer in love. Love you all and hope to see that you enjoy my moment of glee.



My love always,

Lady X