Pocket Heart

So my honey is still sick. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow. I haven’t seen him since Friday and yes, I do know that’s not that long ago. But I miss his face. His smile, his laugh. And a whole host of other things that would turn this post into more naughty than intended.

So I wrote a poem for him. I have decided that it is easier for me to type poetry from my brain and heart than to actually pen it on paper. My pen hits the paper and I draw a blank. Despite that piece of useless info I penned this. It’s short. But I like it.

Pocket Heart

He is not here
My He is gone

My heart is with him
In his pocket drawn

No place else for it to be

No place else for it to go

Safe there it is
Warm there I know

The beats thump his name

Everyday it grows

Waiting in his pocket

Forever unknown

Just close to him

No want to roam

Feel better love.

Lady X


Whole again

Tis weekend was my ex husbands weekend to have our girls. I hate sharing. I’m pretty stingy with what I think is mine and I’m not gonna lie. The girls are mine.

I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve time with them or that he doesn’t love them. I’m saying that even though his visits are less than normal I still miss my daughters like crazy when they aren’t here with me. More so now that my schedule is different and I see them all the time.

So my world was made right when I picked them up. Hugs all around, we missed you mommy, we love you mommy. Nothing in the whole world compares.

Being sick with them freshly home sucks but the noise of them running wild through my tiny apartment while I enjoy hearing their play makes it perfect. I really can’t ask for more. Well I could but I’ll refrain from being greedy tonight. For now my little family of four is back together and perhaps someday this family will have a man of the huse again. For now I’ll settle for an estrogen bath everyday for the gaggle of females in this house.

All my love,

Lady X

Oh my!

My mom just told me the funniest story. She was at a garage sale and across the street was the husband with a restraining order against him. Watching is wife sell all of his stuff.

Apparently it wasn’t a nice seperation, as my mom purchased one of those brand new soda making machines for $5. Retail price $80. The disgruntled wife held up the soda machine and yelled $5 dollars mother f$&);er.

She told my mom she knew she could get more. She didn’t want more. Just wanted to watch him see his stuff get sold cheap while he could do nothing to stop it.

Hardcore? Indeed.

Lady X

Enjoy the little things

If I give anyone a tiny piece of brilliant advice it would be to take a moment and enjoy the little things. There are few things in this life that bring great joy. But when you enjoy the little things life is so magical.

My youngest little girl gets so excited to see me when i come home from work now that I gain a joyous moment of intense happiness when she sees me and tells me she missed me and loves me and clutches me tightly while I hold her in my arms.

Tonight I had the rare chance to take care of my love. I made him soup, and fed him chocolate mousse and stuffed him full of vitamins, and read him more of The Count of Monte Cristo. Then we watched zombie land, read some more and layed in the quiet a while. I rubbed his back and snuggled him close and he told me he loved me and he held me tight and told me I was the best girlfriend ever. I had that intense moment of joy. That happiness and peace when things for a moment are nearly perfect. My heart swelled with joy and I held him tight and just Enjoyed the fleeting moment that life and let me soak in. I sent him home to rest since I work tomorrow and I want him to rest and get better.

I looked into his smiling face at one point and just knew that I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Take a moment to enjoy the little things. They can be so few and far between in this life. And this life is short enough as it is.

Smile, be happy, love. It’s the only thing I could ever tell you to do that I know will no doubt bring moments of amazing joy to you life.

As always,
Lady X

Who’d have known

I love this song. It’s for my Joe.

It’s 5 o clock in the morning,
Conversation got boring,
You said you’re going to bed soon,
So I snuck off to your bedroom,
And I thought i’d just wait there,
Untill I heard you come up the stairs,
And I pretended I was sleeping,
And I was hoping you would creep in with me.

You put your arm around my shoulder,
It was as if the room got colder,
And we moved closer in together,
And started talking about the weather,
You said tomorow would be fun,
And we could watch A Place In The Sun,
I didn’t know where this was going,
When you kissed me.

Are you mine? Are you mine?
Cos I stay here all the time,
Watching telly, Drinking wine,
Who’d have known, Who’d have known?
When you flash up on my phone,
I no longer feel alone,
No longer feel alone.

I haven’t left you for days now,
And I’m becoming amazed how,
Your quite affectionate in public,
In fact your friend said it made her feel sick,
And even though it’s moving forward,
There’s just the right amount of awkward,
And today you accidentally,
Called me baby.

Are you mine? Are you mine?
Cos I stay here all the time,
Watching telly, Drinking wine,
Who’d have known, Who’d have known?
When you flash up on my phone,
I no longer feel alone,

Let’s just stay, Let’s just stay,
I wanna lie in bed all day,
We’ll be laughing all the way,
You told your friends,
They all know,
That we exsist but we’re taking it slow,
Lets just see how we go,
Now let’s see how we go.

Brilliant. Ty Lily Allen for reading my mind.

My love,
Lady X

My heart

My heart flies on the wind
Wild and free

Blowing here and there
No place to be

It follows the rhythm of the breeze
Flittering like a honey bee

It looks for sweet nectar
It looks for Sweet love

It looks for the sugar
Craved as the tastiest of love

The honey is on my lips
The passion on my breath

The heat in your kiss
The nectar on your tongue

Lost on the wind
Blown only to you

Blow me wind blow
To the arms of my love

Where in his arms
I will crave the wind no more

Yeah there’s a lot of mush to be had today. Blame the source.

Lady X

The Sexist Man

The world has changed
But one thing is true

For My Joe
Woman have work to do

Dishes and laundry
A sandwich to make

A dirty mess to clean
Or something to bake

A mess made by Joe
Can you clean that please?

How can I? I don’t know how.
I’m not a woman you see

Dearest Ashley life must be so tough
Not a man but a woman and handicapped by such

At work where work is what we do
Joe says, “where is a woman, there are dishes to do?”
He smiles and we giggle

Despite all his jokes and all the laughs
we sent him off to the kitchen with dish soap
And a rag

Written for the only person who doesn’t have an alias on my blog. My Joe.

Lady X