Intellectual Foreplay

I just want to say that I love the word foreplay. It sounds sexy, it is sexy and I just like thinking about it. Now, intellectual is also great. Who doesn’t love being smart and having smart conversations (well except for maybe stupid people but we wont talk about them).

So when I think of intellectual foreplay well my mind just goes crazy. And after that last post of darkness I need some crazy. So here we go.

Defintions first:

Foreplay: noun
sexual stimulation, usually as a prelude to sexual intercourse.

Intellectual: adjective
1. appealing to or engaging the intellect: intellectual pursuits.
2. of or pertaining to the intellect  or its use: intellectual powers.
3. possessing or showing intellect  or mental capacity, especially to a high degree: an intellectual person.
4. guided or developed by or relying on the intellect  rather than upon emotions or feelings; rational.
5. characterized by or suggesting a predominance of intellect: an intellectual way of speaking.

Since foreplay is an easy word defined, prelude to sex, I am going to take on the first definition of intellectual and lets get it started.

I, like most woman, love foreplay. Who doesn’t love to be kissed until they are wanton with want and so ready they can’t even stand it! Talk to me, tell me what you are thinking what you feel, what you want to do. Engage my mind and bring more into it then just my body.

So thingking about all of this the thought of intellectual foreplay really is fantastic and it appeals to where woman need stimulation the most which is in their head. I know that men think they are the sole person responsible for female orgasm but it just isn’t true, if she isn’t into it, and she isn’t engaging her imagination, her intellect if you will, she is not going to have fun and there for you (the man) have your work cut out for you.

Woman need to be stimulated intellectually before any other kind is going to do the job. The combination of intellectual foreplay, whether it be dirty talk, role playing or in fact just her over active imagination pretending that you are Iron Man, she needs that kind of foreplay and mix that with touching and kissing, maybe a little hair pulling and God help me, don’t forget biting and you got the mixture for some passionate encounters. Now don’t get me wrong, a chance encounter, a quickie, this in iteself provides the woman with instant brain stimulation and makes it hotter and better everytime.

Now why, you ask, am I thinking about this. Well that is a good question. It has been so long since I have participated a fantastic episode of intellectual foreplay that I find helf missing it. If that foreplay for the sould could be followed up with some actual kissing, regular foreplay and then some fantastic hot sex I think I might actually freak out and giggle at the joy of something so wonderful. Yes I know that’s bad. Occasionally I just don’t care.

So I end my intellectual foreplay post on this note. Engage a woman’s mind, engage her imagination, engage her intellectually and her body will follow along.

With fond abandon,
Lady X

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